What is social acupuncture?

Social acupuncture has it's roots in the community acupuncture movement, a type of practice that has spread all over North America over the last decade. Wanting to offer a service that is based on the same values and ideals, yet having  to adapt to the standards of our province, we created a form of treatment that we call ''Social acupuncture''. 

Social acupuncture is being offered in a more private setting than community acupuncture.  In a spacious room, we have made three cubicles with curtains so the acupuncturist is always close by to answer your need during the treatment. The treatment will naturally induce a relaxation state, hence once we have placed the needles, we invite you to enjoy, breathe, and putting your awareness to what you are experimenting.  The tested logistics makes it that the experience feels very comfortable and personal.

Our goal is to guarantee the accessibility to acupuncture treatment. Our simple model helps us to build a healthy community around this natural medicine, which has been around for thousands of years. 

Somes advantages of this type of service