Acupuncture is a great support in tobacco quitting

Quite a challenge, isn't it? But the benefits on one's health of quitting it could never be overrated. Here's how we will work with you to help you quit smokingthrough:

First, we evaluate together your motivation and your confidence to succeed. Then, the acupuncture treatments will act as a support by reducing the psychological and physiological effects of withdrawal.

Tobacco use creates numerous unbalances in the body and our acupuncturist's analysis is sharp enough to foresee them and provide you a easy way back to balance. An example of such imbalance is the quick raise of blood sugar due to nicotine intake, which therefore cuts hunger. Over time, the sensation of hunger is reduced and the urge to smoke increased. That's why many smokers skip breakfast.

Cigarettes and coffee don't make a good start for a busy day...

If you want a hint of the difficulty ahead, just look how early the first cigarette of the day is lit. The earlier, the harder it'll be to quit.